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LUTZ Elevators is your expert in all aspects of the lift industry. Our range of services encompasses planning, manufacture and assembly of installations in new and existing buildings as well as repair, maintenance, modernisation and restoration. Flexibility and close relations with the customer are always our key concern. Here you can find your personal contact person for your specific request:

Your contact person

Marcello Pantke

Tel: +49 40 72769 118

Elevator technology and partner-based customer relationships have been the focus of his work for nearly three decades. He accompanies the product from the first blueprint to its installation and beyond, and he knows how to efficiently implement the most diverse requirements in terms of technology and design.

+49 40 72769 118

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Your contact person

Dirk Dethlefsen

Tel: +49 40 727 69 273

Dirk Dethlefsen understands elevator technology and customer requirements down to the very last detail. He is committed to finding the optimal solution for any project he is involved in. His dedication is also rooted in the ten years he has spent at LUTZ Elevators, where he has honed his skills and gained experience in the fields of maintenance and sales.

+49 40 727 69 273

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Your contact person

Marvin Wörner

Tel: 040-72769-218

Marvin Wörner is a certified mechatronics engineer and has completed training to become an industrial business administrator. He understands the technology and knows the customers’ quality expectations with regard to a lift system from LUTZ Elevators. Finding the optimal solution for a project is always his key focus. He not only has extensive expertise and skills but also acts as an interface between the suppliers and the individual competence centres within the LUTZ Group.


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Your contact person

Eva Hillmer

Tel: +49 40 72769 248

Our customers can always count on Eva Hillmer. She was instrumental in setting up the new accounting system at LUTZ Elevators and has spent many years getting to knows the ins and outs of the company and its processes. Thanks to her extensive know-how, she is the primary point of contact for customer’s questions.

+49 40 72769 248

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Your contact person

Svenja Grimm

Tel: +49 40 72769 158

As head of the communication centre, all that matters to her is the satisfaction of each and every one of the LUTZ customers. She is a bastion of calm, even when things get a little hectic. By taking a proactive approach, she always manages to turn problems into solutions.

+49 40 72769 158

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Convenience and safety

A LUTZ elevator makes your house the perfect home.

Whether you are transporting heavy shopping bags or need everyday mobility support due to age or health-related restrictions, you will never again want to go without a LUTZ elevator in your home. We design your lift installation in such a way that it blends perfectly with the overall ambience of your private home.

Private residences and apartment buildings

The focus is on reliability and effiency.

Every residential building or private home places special demands on an elevator solution. Working in close collaboration with the owners, we are able to implement and realise the construction, design and functionality of their lift installation.The spectrum of our product portfolio is vast. It ranges from an elegant lift in a luxurious home to a cost-effective platform lift. When planning and carrying out your project, we will gladly assist you with our knowledge and expertise every step of the way.

Our lift installations for larger residential complexes meet the highest standards in terms of reliability and efficiency. With a wide range of optional modules, combined with fail-safe and energy-saving technology, we can guarantee the efficient and economical operation of your lift system.

The platform lift

The affordable alternative to a conventional lift.

The affordable platform lift (vertical lift) for private residences makes it possible for elderly or disabled people to live a barrier-free life. Retrofitting an elevator into a private home is simple. In a single-family house, an elevator can serve as a home lift or enable the elderly to move around with ease.

Living an independent life at home in old age: who wouldn’t wish for that? A platform lift makes your home handicapped accessible and suitable for the elderly. Unlike stairlifts, there is no need to get on and off the chair, and transporting bulky items like luggage or heavy shopping is never a problem.  

Low cost: thanks to consistent simplification, the comfort lift is around half the price of a conventional elevator, making it ideal for use in private homes.

More information

Whether it is a private house or a residential complex – home is a place where people feel safe and secure. A lift designed and manufactured by LUTZ Elevators combines convenience with reliability. And our service provides peace of mind in every situation.

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Showpiece in a shaft

Hydraulic system creates space for an elegant cabin. The limited amount of space in this representative period building in Hamburg proved to be a particular challenge.

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Elegance in daily life

Modern residential complexes incorporate the latest technology and are designed to be functional as well as contemporary. LUTZ Elevators has the perfect solution for this type of building.

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