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LUTZ Elevators is your expert in all aspects of the lift industry. Our range of services encompasses planning, manufacture and assembly of installations in new and existing buildings as well as repair, maintenance, modernisation and restoration. Flexibility and close relations with the customer are always our key concern. Here you can find your personal contact person for your specific request:

Your contact person

Marcello Pantke

Tel: +49 40 72769 118

Elevator technology and partner-based customer relationships have been the focus of his work for nearly three decades. He accompanies the product from the first blueprint to its installation and beyond, and he knows how to efficiently implement the most diverse requirements in terms of technology and design.

+49 40 72769 118

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Your contact person

Michael Schuster

Tel: +49 40 72769 188

From container ships to mega yachts – Michael Schuster has many years of experience dealing with service and scheduling requirements in the maritime industry. As an expert well-versed in onshore and offshore operations, he is responsible for coordinating our technicians’ global assignments. He is your first point of contact when it comes to maritime elevators, whether you require repair and modernisation, inspection and certification or an entirely new lift system.

+49 40 72769 188

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Your contact person

Dirk Dethlefsen

Tel: +49 40 727 69 273

Dirk Dethlefsen understands elevator technology and customer requirements down to the very last detail. He is committed to finding the optimal solution for any project he is involved in. His dedication is also rooted in the ten years he has spent at LUTZ Elevators, where he has honed his skills and gained experience in the fields of maintenance and sales.

+49 40 727 69 273

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Your contact person

Marvin Wörner

Tel: 040-72769-218

Marvin Wörner is a certified mechatronics engineer and has completed training to become an industrial business administrator. He understands the technology and knows the customers’ quality expectations with regard to a lift system from LUTZ Elevators. Finding the optimal solution for a project is always his key focus. He not only has extensive expertise and skills but also acts as an interface between the suppliers and the individual competence centres within the LUTZ Group.


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Your contact person

Eva Hillmer

Tel: +49 40 72769 248

Our customers can always count on Eva Hillmer. She was instrumental in setting up the new accounting system at LUTZ Elevators and has spent many years getting to knows the ins and outs of the company and its processes. Thanks to her extensive know-how, she is the primary point of contact for customer’s questions.

+49 40 72769 248

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Your contact person

Svenja Grimm

Tel: +49 40 72769 158

As head of the service centre, all that matters to her is the satisfaction of each and every one of the LUTZ customers. She is a bastion of calm, even when things get a little hectic. By taking a proactive approach, she always manages to turn problems into solutions.

+49 40 72769 158

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Encounters and experiences

Aesthetics and reliability wherever people meet.

Elevators are more than just a means of transport between floors. They blend harmoniously into the building’s overall appearance and enhance its functionality. Given our in-depth knowledge of the requirements imposed by design and technology, we work closely with the planners responsible for these public-sector buildings.

Public buildings

Adding and maintaining lasting value.

Lift installations that are accessible to the public have to be robust, reliable, disabled-friendly and yet affordable to purchase and economical to operate. In most cases, financing is covered by the public sector, which means that planning security is a top priority for the contracting authority.

As a result, we work according to the principle: the tighter the budget, the more flexible the solution. The sooner we are involved in the design and planning process, the more effective we can be in helping you draw up a manufacturer-neutral set of service specifications, make tenders comparable and deal with the allocation of public funds in a responsible manner.

Office Buildings - new and historic

Outstanding technical and visual quality.

A lift solution for a new construction or a historic building needs to blend harmoniously with the design plans at the highest technical level. We offer practical, customised and yet cost-effective solutions. Our ingenious modular system provides plenty of space for creative design. We draw inspiration from bold architectural concepts as well as from the charm of historic buildings. We are happy to provide you with expert assistance and advice in adding and maintaining lasting value.

Current projects

Maritime flair on all floors

Doing justice to the architecturally demanding character of the building proved to be a particular challenge. Taking these demands into account, LUTZ Elevators successfully installed three ultra-modern lift systems.

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Architectural diversity

The building, which was divided into three construction phases, was designed by three different architects. So it goes without saying that the elevator designs also needed to reflect the architects’ diverse individual concepts. The results are highly varied designs that do full justice to all requirements. 

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Outstanding attention to detail

Given the existing building structure, this project imposed particularly high architectural demands on the engineers. Following the complete disassembly of the old shaft and the lift itself, a new elevator system was designed and installed. 

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A lift from LUTZ Elevators is more than just a sturdy means of transport. It is part of a building’s utilisation concept and blends harmoniously with its architectural surroundings.

Stylish shopping queen in continuous use

Top-level design and high-tech form a seductive combination in shopping centres. 

Shopping centres and retail trade

Flexible utilisation for customers and goods.

Our lift installations in shopping centres and in the retail trade fulfil the highest requirements in terms of elegance and style, while providing high operational availability and flexible utilisation. After all, our elevators are often used to transport people as well as goods. Thanks to our broad product portfolio, we can guarantee we will provide a solution that blends in with your individual store concept as regards design and functionality – and one that can also help to increase sales: our glass panoramic elevators, for example, provide sweeping views and travel at the desired speed, allowing customers to discover more of what your store has to offer. It goes without saying that we can also assist you in the efficient handling of merchandise, with installations like freight elevators and lifting platforms.

Our service is just as flexible as our product offer: we are happy to schedule maintenance appointments outside your business hours so as to avoid disrupting your regular operations.

The sky is the limit

Our passion for technical challenges knows no bounds. 

Special projects

The ultimate in engineering skill.

Among the numerous elevator projects we realise, there are always some that make our engineers’ hearts leap for joy: projects that represent a particular challenge on a technical and creative level. These are, for example, projects in historic buildings, like the cupola of the Town Hall in Hannover, where we gradually tested the limits of the laws of physics so as to install a vertical lift system inside an arch.

Time and again it is projects on the high seas where lift construction is subject to its own, quite distinct laws. Maritime lift systems need to be able to withstand the forces of nature, while adapting to the design of a cruise liner or the logistics of an offshore installation. Or they have to constitute the prestigious element on a luxury yacht, incorporating the finest materials and most modern furnishing details available on the market. To demonstrate our expertise, we have compiled a selection of special projects for you here.